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Glenda Mae's Daylily Farm Daylilies, Display garden


Annual Color and Bedding Plants


We are a retail garden center with  daylilies being our primary product. During the spring season we offer a variety of annual color, herbs, vegetable plants and more. Joey and I are very knowledgeable in growing plants and can assist you with gardening tips. 

Potted Daylilies


We offer over 100 named varieties in pots. Each variety has the daylily's picture and description for easy selection. You can plant potted daylilies year round or you can keep them in a pot. Our daylilies are sold in 2-3 gallon pots with the daylily name clearly displayed on the side of the pot. 

Soil Ammendments


We carrie Jemasco soil amendments;

Potting soil

Composted Cow Manure

 Pine Bark Mulch

Herbs and Vegetable Plants


We have an assortment of herbs for your culinary needs. We offer vegetable plants for your spring garden as well. 



We sell a variety of succulents. You can plant succulents in shallow containers such as bird baths. Succulents don't need as much water because they store water in their leaves. Wonderful plants for east Texas planters  in July and August. Succulents prefer some afternoon shade. 

Basket Items


We sell basket items. Great plants to use in your baskets include:

  • Supertunias - are wonderful for Texas. They're available in a variety of colors. They withstand the Texas heat and continue to bloom all summer. In mild winters they've been known to come back the next year. You may also plant Supertunias in your flower beds.
  • ​Calibrachoa - commonly known as Million Bells make great basket items.  Calibrachoa are in the petunia family and perform well in baskets or pots.
  • Gomfrenia (bachelor buttons) -  add a splash of purple to your planters. They bloom and bloom and they're easy to care for.